Crimson Trace Offers Free Batteries for Life

The only things in life that are certain are death, taxes and the fact that you will always run out of batteries. Crimson Trace doesn’t agree, and has a promotion right now where they will send you a fresh set of batteries once a year, EVERY year, for life. Or until they get bought out and are forced to stop by the new parent company. Details after the jump…

If you’ve bought, or are planning on buying, a Crimson Trace laser sight, we’d like to say “thank you”.  To further express our appreciation, we’ll give you a free set of batteries every year.  Better yet, we’ll deliver them right to your house*.

This unique program allows (1) set of batteries per calendar year per product and is valid for all Crimson Trace products and battery types**.






  1. avatar Van says:

    I just ordered some CT sights for my G26. I saw the “free batteries” promo but really didn’t look closely at it. This is good news.

  2. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

    Pretty neat. I’m not really sold on the need for lasers for my guns, but they seem like a good company with some innovative products.

  3. avatar Edgehill says:

    We just bought a CT for my wife’s gun. Time to register.

  4. avatar BLAMMO says:

    I still have lifetime memberships to several video rental stores from the ’80s.

  5. avatar HAVE GUN says:

    You can’t beat that.
    I bought a gun with Crimson Trace over two years ago, and of course the batteries are just fine.
    Consider it is rare that they are never used, except for some practice.
    It would seem responsible to replace periodically, maybe every three years, I dunno.
    I just have a problem taking something I don’t need just because it’s free. I could send them a thank you note anyway.

  6. avatar Plumbump says:

    I purchased a crimson trace for my p3at about one year and six months ago, if I remember correctly. Enclosed in the packaging was product registration, with a section detailing the aformentioned offer. I have yet to receive confirmation of my registration, or my batteries. However, thanks for reminding me of this! It was my first laser for any of my firearms, and I must admit my batteries were VERY quickly drained by me, acting like an 8-yr old boy with a lighter. :). I shall contact crimson trace customer service asap.

  7. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    CT has the best customer service of any company that I’ve ever dealt with for the past ten years. I own several of their lasers and I only had a problem with the activation button on a set of two year old grips. I sent them the used set and they sent me a brand new set within two weeks. They make a great product and their CS is the best out there.

  8. avatar JWhite says:

    Green lasers for the win!

  9. avatar Jeff says:

    Been there, done that. Only received one set of batteries for my multiple CT grips in the last 10-15 years.

  10. avatar Josh says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find the right serial #s? I have all the boxes and everything but can only find sku # and model #s. Thanks for any help provided.

  11. avatar Eric says:

    I have two crimson trace products. I really like them… but I must say. I registered both of them, as the card in the original packaging indicated, and then sent in a message that I needed my free battery for the year after I purchased the first one…. nothing… no response at all. So I went on ebay and purchased a bunch real cheap. Then the next year I sent in a message again … multiple times this time… and nothing again. So either you MUST call them to get your free battery… or it is just a scam. Why would they offer an on line service to request your battery and then not use it? disappointed enough that I might purchase a Viridian laser light combo instead of the new Railmaster from Crimson trace.

    1. avatar Rusty Shackleford says:

      The fine print also sates “Excludes CR-123 and CR-2 batteries. Not valid on Rail Master products.” So, yeah, it’s bogus.

  12. avatar Brent Woolsey says:

    I need free batteries for my LG-404 Kimber pistol lazier sight. My address is 310 North 1150 West, Hurricane, Utah 84737 phone # 702-497-4702.

    Thank you

    Brent Woolsey

  13. avatar L Montoya says:

    Called their “world class customer service center” only to be told we are only the answering service and the best we can do is leave a message for a return call and cannot tell you if it will be today or when. World class must have more than one meaning here. As a top level trained customer service specialist for both jaguar and Mercedes Benz I certainly see it as better than that! All I needed was a set of the promised free batteries in their promotion . Now I don’t know when or if I will receive a return call as promised! Hopefully they will come through soon . How have others found this , good or bad, ?post results for all to see.

  14. avatar L Montoya says:

    Ok rusty we all know that’s not your real name come clean on this site at least! I must admit to be fair that I did receive a return call 45minutes to an hour later and spoke to a very helpful lady who promised my replacement battery would be here , at my door, in three or four business days. I only have to wait a few days now, would still like to others experiences posted& be objective and fair.

  15. avatar Ron McMahon says:

    I brought a Ruger lcp 2 years and mailed the registration card in . I have try to use your free batteries offer last year and was told I wasn’t registered . I registered again by e-mail and was told I would to wait a year. I bought.a Ruger lcp last year mailed the card in same thing ! I see on your web site all you can do is register . Does the free battery offer really exist?

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