Obscure Object of Desire: .50 BMG Bullet Trap

Tired of plinking in the back yard with a Red Ryder or maybe an air gun? Craving the feel of something with a little more oomph, but finding it hard to get time on a thousand yard range? Not a problem any more. Go ahead and drag that McMillan TAC-50 out of the safe because In-Range Supplies has just the thing – their .50 BMG bullet trap. As they describe it: “The 50 BMG Bullet Trap accommodates ammunitions that exceed 600 fps, up to and including the 50 caliber BMG round. The 50 BMG Bullet Trap safely stops and contains bullets without ricochet or back-splatter and the self-healing shooting surface ensures rounds are confined inside the trap.” Don’t have a .50? Srsly? Not to worry. They offer traps for more pedestrian calibers, too.



  1. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:


  2. avatar mikefraz says:

    I wonder how far the box would scoot back from a .50 BMG since it’s on wheels?

  3. avatar jewface says:

    it has locking levers on the casters

  4. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:


  5. avatar Johnny says:

    So when’s the one for my 20mm coming out?

  6. avatar CarlosT says:

    Seems perfect for a basement range as well. Also, since the cool kids are doing it, test. And testing the edit function. Yay, it’s back!

  7. avatar Boris says:

    They want a couple grand for that thing, and the replacement blocks are hundreds.

    My stack of phone books in garbage bags in the corner is going to be called a “Indoor Ballistic Containment System” and will be available for the low low price of 199.00

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