ATF New Name for HQ Evokes “The Untouchables”

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As we witness “a watershed moment in American history” [i.e. the looming contempt of Congress vote against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for witholding documents relating to the ATF’s Fast and Furious anti-gun running gun running op], Congressional legislation has been introduced to name the bureau’s D.C. headquarters the “Eliot Ness ATF Building.” Does ATF management in DC consider themselves “Untouchable“? How arrogant is that? Many of us disagree. It would be far more fitting, proper and descriptive to name ATF Head quarters the “Russell Vander Werf Building” to memorialize ATF management and commemorate Vander Werf’s sterling (all night) performance in Metairie, LA, December, 2009 . . . Perhaps a special entrance door could be installed in the building?


  1. avatar GS650G says:

    Pity room service in some of these places, must be really messy.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    Another fitting name could be in remembrance of the ATF’s actions at Waco. Maybe the Waco Federal Building.

    “On the final day of the Branch Davidian siege in 1993, aerial FLIR film was shot by the FBI that seemed to show automatic weapons fire directed into the burning buildings. Former Senator John Danforth, under the direction of Acting Attorney General Eric Holder, conducted a 14-month, $17-million investigation that exonerated the government of any wrongdoing.”

  3. avatar ST says:

    Someone ordered the wrong door plaque.The ATF HQ should be called the Al Capone building-or is that what the White House goes by now?

    1. avatar borekfk says:

      White House, Capone is from the same state as Pres. Obama

      1. avatar Sam says:

        Well, technically one of them’s from New York and the other’s from Hawaii, but I know what you mean.

        1. avatar Parthenon says:

          I think he means state of mind

  4. avatar Sam says:

    Well, Barbara Boxer certainly does want them to be “untouchable.”

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Russell Vanderwurf didn’t do anything that the ATF doesn’t do to America every day. Besides, I don’t think that Vanderwurf was exactly untouchable. See what I’m saying?

  6. avatar NR says:

    Two reasons why the name Eliot Ness is perfectly appropriate:

    First, Ness was a Prohibition agent. You guys know what prohibition was, don’t you? It was BAD. Much like the AFT. Obviously we pay more attention to the AFT’s gunrunning schemes, but don’t overlook the A in there.

    Second, and even more appropriate: Ness went through the records of every agent in Chicago -300 men- and found eleven (!) who weren’t corrupt. Those eleven where called the untouchables, for obvious reasons.

    Now tell me that Ness’s name isn’t the perfect one to associate with the AFT.

  7. avatar virtualjohn says:

    I think a building that says;
    on it, needs two other signs.
    OK, maybe one more.

    1. avatar Parthenon says:

      How about a 200 yard range?
      I wouldn’t say no to a deli as well

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