I Am Not Making This Up: Toilet Holster Edition

Toilet carry got you stumped? Are you tired of forgetting your heater in rest-area toilet stalls, yet terrified of being ambushed while you’re dropping a deuce? The $10 ‘Number 2 Holster‘ might fill the bill . . .

As for myself (definitely not pictured in this inadvertently obscene photo) I’ve personally never had an issue with my IWB holsters while I ‘talk with the sheriff,’ but this topic seems to literally keep some CCW holders awake at night. Wherever your toilet-carry travels take you, we at TTAG emphatically do not recommend hanging your hogleg on the flush valve, standpipe, or grab rail.

No. Really. Don’t do it.

And one more thing: don’t look for a Chris Dumm ‘Gear Review: Number 2 Toilet Holster’ any time soon. Sorry, Robert: no way in hell. Taco Bell, gas-station lavatories and Preparation H just ain’t in my contract.

h/t to Tony, who has his finger on the pulse of all things LC9


  1. avatar Rambeast says:

    This product is so full of win! Self defense when you are at your most vulnerable. =) I am a little concerned about no-knock entries, and the chance this will be considered OC.

  2. avatar spymyeyes says:


    I love it!

    NOTHING says marketing scheme like “re-inventing” the wheel and calling it yours

    I do believe that this fine product used to be called a “laynard” or a “dummy-cord” and has been around since WWI.

    But hey, don’t let me stop you from investing $10 in this over-priced shoelace along with $20 shipping, handling, taxes, & tarriffs.

    Myself, I prefer a nice dual-sided shoulder rig made out of leather for my heater because I know that it will last my entire life and I can pass them both along to my son.


    I REALLY need and use that since I am one of those yankee hillbilly bitter-clingers and don’t spell of puntuate too well. I focused more on shooting and survival skills!

  3. avatar caffeinated says:

    Not so much self defense in the stall, but I’ve always hated trying to find a safe place to rest my firearm while visiting such establishments. The idea makes me want to drill a couple of holes into my carry holsters for a quick detach lanyard.

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      Either re-fasten your belt around your knees, and leave your gun in it’s holster, or just drop your pants to the floor, and leave your pistol in the middle of the pile. Both work, and leave the gun much more accessible than this useless junk.

  4. avatar GS650G says:

    I remember a LEO leaving his heater in the can a while ago, this is a product created from necessity it seems

  5. avatar Phydeaux says:

    Limalife did a video on this topic a couple of years ago. Also very entertaining, more informative, and best of all, FREE.


  6. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    in that picture something makes me nervous knowing that a gun is going to be pointed at my Johnson ….loaded , safety on, or not….

  7. avatar Ben Eli says:

    Are you supposed to carry a lanyard around all day? Seems silly. People over complicate the issue of bathroom carrying. I don’t know why this keeps becoming an issue on this site.

    If you’re worried about someone snatching your heater, just take it out of the holster – or better yet take the whole holster off the belt – and place the weapon on the floor between your legs. If anyone tries to make the reach you can stomp their hands or pick the gun up. If you have any type of bag, slip it into the bag and hang the bag from a hook or something. Simple solutions people.

    Seriously, no more bathroom stuff. It’s just weird.

    1. avatar caffeinated says:

      I’ll carry a small lanyard vs leaving anything I plan on touching again on the floor of a public restroom next to where the urine goes in (or not).

  8. avatar JACA says:

    My Remora comes out of my waistband and goes under my armpit. #1 or #2.

  9. avatar Bruce W. Krafft says:

    Shoulder holster.

    Failing that, one of my carry class instructors suggested popping off a shoe and putting your weapon there (your firearm weapon!). The problem with any of the options which allow people outside the stall to see it can be summed up in two words: Felony stop. All it takes is one shrinking violet to soil themselves when they see your gun and the cops get an incoherent “man-with-a-g-g-g-gun!” 9-1-1 call.

  10. avatar Floyd cantrell says:

    Drop your laundry, seat your tail on the seat, lay your shooter in the crotch of your shorts and take care of business. In the event the stall has the large two roll dispensers then lay your shooter on top and continue on. Has worked for me for years.


  11. avatar counihan says:

    As a man with colitis I love the fact that people are looking at conceal carry dumping. As a rational person I hate the fact that some yahoo is trying to sell me a pooping lanyard for $10.

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