RI Pistol Permit: Proper Showing of Need

  “In considering each individual application for pistol permit the Attorney General must determine whether or not the applicant has demonstrated a proper showing of need to carry a loaded firearm in public, and consider the individual’s demonstration of skill and responsibility to safely carry and use a firearm in compliance with all State, Federal […]

Georgia Bulldogs Dismiss Isaiah Crowell for Gun Charges

“According to Athens-Clarke police spokesperson Hilda Sorrow, [University of Georgia sophomore tailback Isaiah] Crowell was arrested at a ‘vehicle check-point’ — or road block — on East Campus Road at Green Street at 2:20 a.m. Friday.” freep.com reports that “Officer Kristin Thornton reported smelling the odor of marijuana in Crowell’s 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Crowell gave consent […]

Gun Review: Gunwerks LR-1000 System

Regular readers will remember that I headed out to Wyoming to go meet up with the Gunwerks crew to attend their Long Range University. Part of the schooling means using only Gunwerks guns and gear for the range portion of class. While I’m sure this translates to sales for the Gunwerks team, the idea behind […]

Get Your Zombie Gun(s) Ready. NOW!

  “What if a pandemic hit Maine? Who would respond? What would they do? Where would they get vital resources that likely would be in short supply? What if there wasn’t enough antidote to go around?” That’s not a teaser for a zombie book or movie (courtesy The Bangor Daily News). “These are just some […]

Fast and Furious: Can You Handle the Truth?

Our wires and airwaves are bloated with the braying and trumpeting of self-important pundits, hoisting their own petards against the walls of fact and logic. It’s all harmless fun, really. No one is getting hurt because Rush said that Obama’s mother is a unicorn. Rachel Maddow isn’t spending her free time waterboarding Tea Party activists […]

Quote of the Day: Armpit of the Nation Edition

“Evidently, the Attorney General’s office still doesn’t realize that New Jersey is part of the United States, not a police state. Constitutional rights do not evaporate when someone leaves the doorstep of his or her home, and that includes the right to bear arms. One doesn’t ‘need’ to justify the exercise of a civil right, […]

RI Open Carry Day Two: Got No Shadow

  As I started my stroll down Thayer Street, I clocked the cop on the other side of the street. Bicycle guy. Bright blue jersey. I concentrated on walking normally—which is damn hard when you’re trying to walk normally. I mentally rehearsed my Terry Stop. Say nothing until spoken to. Hands in plain sight. And […]

OMG! A Soldier With A Gun! A Soldier Walking With a Gun!

  “Law enforcement officers responded to the Centennial Bridge Saturday morning after a person was seen with a gun, a Leavenworth [Kansas]police spokesman said.” The leavenworthtimes.com reports that “Maj. Dan Nicodemus, deputy chief of the Leavenworth Police Department, said it turned out to be a soldier who was training. The soldier was walking across the bridge while carrying […]