TTAG Back on the Rack


Thanks to our man Malenshek’s midnight ministrations, TTAG is back on the Rack. Our return to Rackspace should fix a multitude of problems that bedeviled our commenting system, a self-inflicted wound for which I apologize deeply and completely. If you’re having any issues with the site, please leave a comment below so we can de-bug. And now that we’ve gone back to the future—before we were seduced by Adriana Lima—we can press ahead with improvements. Nothing major technically. As always TTAG’s main focus is content. Content. And more content. (We will never be content with our content.) Look for some new stuff in the coming weeks. And thanks for your patience during this difficult time.


  1. avatar Sig says:

    Yay content! Book reviews? There are a lot of books about guns. I can’t be bothered to read them all. (And yes, I bought, read and rated Nick’s book on my Kindle.)

  2. avatar Matt in FL says:

    It appears the comment editor is still broken, per my test of it just now. The window pops up with a yellow bar that says “Loading…” and that’s as far as it goes.

    Emails are working properly (…once I rescued the last 24 hours worth from my spam filter. About once a month gmail goes nuts and starts putting them in spam. Not real sure why.).

    1. avatar matt says:

      I’m having the same problem with the comment editor

  3. avatar Aharon says:

    This video is sexist and dis-respectful of women. I am deeply offended.

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Where did my comment go? I sincerely hope it wasn’t deleted as some sort of a flame. It was a joke. I even included a smiley. 🙂

    1. avatar matt says:

      It was probably lost in the db, not deleted. See my comments in the video of a guy breaking up a fight between kids with a gun if you wana see what they typically do to offensive comments.

  5. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Yeah being tempted by the dark side. The promised cookies but lied!!! lol

  6. avatar John Fritz says:

    Comment editor is busticated.

  7. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Rumor has it there’s a flag in that video somewhere.

  8. avatar Stephen Malenshek says:

    I am working on it now… Hopefully I will have this straightened out shortly.

  9. avatar Stephen Malenshek says:

    I am presently working on the issue with editing/deleting comments. It is an issue that is caused by Firefox 9.X and IE 9.X, which both have different issues, but neither work. According to blogs over the last several months, the company that now owns the product is aware of it and evidently does not intend to fix it.

    Over the next several days plan on trying to find an alternative to this module and restore this functionality. Have patience and I will get it worked out.

  10. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

    At work, we have a TV hooked up to a computer to display stuff like waiting calls and ticket queues and such. I’ve rigged a few things up to display interesting information as well.

    I think I just found something to loop and fill in the missing piece of the puzzle.

  11. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Glad to hear that things are going better in TTAG land. As far as being seduced by Adriana Lima, too skinny for me. I like a little more curves and a woman that moves a little faster than that LOL.

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