NDIA: I Can’t Believe RF Pays Me to Do This Edition

NDIA has wrapped up for the year, and we have seen and fired some amazing things. Both Joe and myself are absolutely exhausted, so don’t expect to see the results of our gunpowder-fueled orgy quite yet. Well, at least anytime before noon. Ish. But to tide you over, I present this rather entertaining silencer demonstration brought to you by Falken Industries in which I discover the importance of turning on your brand new shotgun microphone before you start recording. Oh, and one more thing after the break…

There is video. And it was an awesome experience making it.


  1. avatar Robert Farago says:

    No push pull on the mag?

  2. avatar Jordan says:

    The visible heat waves from the supressor are awesome and make the MFT ad all the more hilarious.

  3. avatar Phrederick says:

    Geez, having just gotten back from my CME lecture/class my brain was still taking everything literally and picturing everything, so “gunpowder-fueled orgy” is not a phrase I wanted to read.

    Also, that dude in the video needs to lay off the caffeine, he was shaky as hell.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      I think he was just under a lot of pressure. He was a relatively unknown silencer manufacturer being watched by hundreds of people with the possibility of millions of dollars in contracts on the line. It was his “big shot” and he didn’t want to blow it.

  4. avatar BUDS211 says:

    That was Thomas Walsh, VP of Falken. He is a retired/ wounded Navy Vet – reason for shake.

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