Can a 30 Caliber Silencer Work on 5.56 Ammunition?

Yes, yes it can. I was goofing around on the range today and figured I should answer that question with a video. In short it won’t be as effective as a true 5.56 silencer, but as I show with this 762-SDN-6 (designed for 7.62 NATO) it still brings the noise of the round going off close enough to “hearing safe” for my tastes.


  1. avatar Randomhero says:

    If you dont mind me asking, what range was this at?

  2. avatar pest says:

    This video is three calibers (4 if you count super and subsonic 300 blk as 2) through the older AAC 762-SD. We recorded the sound on a dedciated recorder to avoid attenuation by the camera audio circutry.

  3. avatar Dan says:

    Nick — you asked the wrong question.

    can it work? well duh, yes it can work. it could work on a 17hmr too.

    the question should have been — is it effective? the answer? mostly.

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