FNS Compact On the Horizon?

Daniel asks the following in the You Choose the Blog comments – FNH-USA: when to expect FNS compact from FHN USA. Erik Lund says that yes indeed, there will be an FNS compact, and that the development team is putting the new firearm through its paces.  Unfortunately, he could not provide an eta, though when I said “soon” he agreed.


  1. avatar racer88 says:

    Just love almost anything FNH comes out with. The P12 pump shotgun looks interesting, too. With FNH, I want one of everything they make… sorta like my Spyderco knives.

  2. avatar Daniel says:

    thanks for asking!
    At least now we know that there’s at least a prototype out there being tested.
    Soon sounds good enough for me.
    Hopefully they’re as easily obtainable as the regular FNS.

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