What Jeff Quinn Carries When He Can’t Carry A Gun

The NRA Convention is a gun-free zone. So what does Jeff Quinn, Gunblast guy, carry when he can’t carry a firearm? Glad you asked. It’s an Arno Bernand Gazelle with a sheep bone handle and a cape buffalo sheath. Quinn paid $235 for the South African knife with a 4.25″ blade. He’s not trained to use it for self-defense. “If a gun runs out I’m running,” Quinn told TTAG. “It’s too personal to stab someone.” Well that’s a relief. I guess. Make the jump for a close up. 


  1. avatar traye says:

    NRA convention is gun free? Well no wonder I am not member.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      🙂 Now that is funny.

  2. avatar traye says:

    NRA Convention is gun free zone? No wonder I am not a member.

    1. avatar John E> says:

      Last year when it was in Pittsburgh, I carried. The convention center, the city, the state, not so gun free 🙂

      I think it is the venue, per se. Still a surpise they would have it at a gun free venue.

  3. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Quinn is 10 shades of awesome.

    1. avatar Sam Wright says:


    2. avatar Steve says:

      That’s two ugly guys.

  4. avatar KWAL says:

    Nice little pig sticker.

  5. avatar Michael B says:

    Did he pick muffin particles out of his teeth with it?

  6. avatar Josh says:

    A guy that scary doesn’t need a knife… Seriously, who the hell would screw with that guy? He looks like the ultimate badass

    1. avatar mikeb302000 says:

      Yeah, that’s what it’s all about, being a bad ass. If you don’t look the part, you can always make believe.

  7. avatar Silver says:

    The NRA convention as a defense-free zone. Wow.

    1. avatar mikeb302000 says:

      Yeah, wow is right. The interesting thing is the same guys who keep telling us how college campuses are where people are sitting ducks, are perfectly comfortable with the convention being a gun free zone. Maybe they’ve been exaggerating about the danger of gun free zones. Either that or they’re all in mortal danger.

      1. avatar Randy Drescher says:

        Yeah, we exagerate about gun free zone danger, nothing ever happens there, lol, Randy

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    I like and am grateful for Jeff’s reviews (have learned much from them) and yet I consider them simply more detailed information not provided by the manufacturer. I am concerned with how they are virtually always too positive about whatever he is reviewing and I hope he is not too influenced with all the ads he has on his site. One thing I don’t like is reading about again and again are how so many different calibers have always been his favorite…

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      I bought the Chiappa 1911 .22 as my first gun a few years ago based in large part on Jeff Quinn’s glowing review.

      I don’t put a lot of stock in Gunblast reviews any more.

  9. avatar Tommy says:

    What kind of belt is that Jeff is wearing? Anyone know?

  10. avatar Don says:

    That’s a seriously classy little blade.


  11. avatar Steve says:

    J.Q. has nothing to fear. He is the gun industry’s version of Larry King. He only does fawning softball reviews.

    Send him a gun and you can expect rainbows and unicorns in return.

  12. avatar Joe_nobody says:

    I guess Jeff is unaware that he cannot carry a knife over 4 inches in MO.

  13. avatar William says:

    I’ve been reading Gunblast for years. I don’t much care if he does give everything a good review…it’s entertainment.

    Oh, and even though he looks like your crazy uncle who lives in the woods and eats possum, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. There’s still nobody in the firearms media I’d rather go shooting with.

    Except maybe Jesse Abbate, but that’s not quite the same thing.


  14. avatar DaveL says:

    In response to the title, I was going to suggest “A seriously awesome beard?”

  15. avatar John says:

    He could tour with ZZ Top with that beard…

  16. avatar Double A.D. says:

    That’s a “dandy” little knife!

    1. avatar Twinkie says:

      Dammit! You beat me to it!

      Does he have a flashing ad for the maker on his site?

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