JeffD’s Trivia Contest: Name Those Cartridges


I recently received a case of Jack Ross 9mm reloads. Always the curious, I checked all the head stamps and found 25 different stamps. Some quick searches provided volumes of information on head stamps and their origins. Attached is a scan of the case and separate case list. [Click on image to embiggify.]


P.S. I couldn’t identify seven of the cases. They are blank.


  1. avatar Rob G says:

    Hello JeffD

    Did they all go ‘bang’ like they’re supposed to?

    1. avatar JeffD says:

      The Jack Ross reloads are very clean w/ no blemishes.

      Bang every time.

  2. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Here is a good list in case anyone is curious about their headstamps.

  3. avatar brigo05 says:

    I see some crap Fiocchi at 1C – Can anyone tell me why they go by G.F.L on their stamp? Pretty sure I can guess what the F stands for.

    1. avatar JeffD says:

      Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco, Italy

      1. avatar brigo05 says:

        thankee, sai! I always wondered…

  4. avatar Bruce W. Krafft says:

    1A) Bob, 1B) Steve 1C) Alison 1D) . . . .

    You said we should name them, right?

  5. avatar Todd Price says:

    I think 1A is Buffalo Bore

    1. avatar Mike in NC says:

      Pretty certain 1A is Starline.

    2. avatar Joe Grine says:

      The brass is Starline, although Todd is correct that Buffalo Bore has used Starline brass in the manufacture of their bullets.

  6. avatar Mike in NC says:

    How did the reloader manage to collect such a wide variety yet fail to have any representing Armscor out of the Philippines (AP headstamp)? Of the off-shore brands that I have tried I found Magtech (CBC) to be the cleanest and about equal to bargain-priced Federal Champion with Armscor (AP) being in the middle and Fiocchi (G.F.L.) being the dirtiest of the three.

  7. avatar Rick Boatright says:

    1a – starline
    2a and 3a are Federal Cartridge, although I admit I don’t know what the dots mean.
    4a blazer is pretty self explanatory
    5a Seller and Beloit — what the 01 means I don’t know.

    1b – This one confused me for a while… It’s Norinco see
    2b R-P Remington Arms
    3b WIN – Olin Corp
    4b SPEER – duh
    5b WCC – Western Cartridge Corp (also Olin)

    1c GFL Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco
    2c RWS – Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff A.-G.
    3c I have no idea…
    4c NPA — Probably Olympic Arms & Ammunition S. A
    5c WCC again, but oviously originally loaded differently.

    1d PMC — Tricky, but since the M is an Upside down “W”, Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Company Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea
    2d SB — Probably Seller & Beloit again…
    3d CBC — Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, Brazil
    4d FC (dot) — Probably Federal again..
    5d MFS — Munitions Factory, Sundari, Nepal

    1e Geco — probably Dynamit Nobel A/G of Troisdorf, Germany but the Geco name has been passed around so much who knows?
    2e CBC as in 3d but not +p rounds this time…
    3e Another batch of WCC
    4e Cor-Bon +p — self explanatory
    5e AGUILA — self explanatory

    1f — seems identical to 3c to me and I still don’t know what it is.
    2f w-w — Winchester-Western (Olin)
    3f ICC –International Cartridge Corp.
    4f RP — Remington again.
    5f IMI –Israel Military Industries, Tel Aviv, Israel

    1. avatar caffeinated says:

      The Geco should be about the same as the RWS one. I had a box of Geco that was out of Switzerland just like the RWS stock I currently have. Packed the same way too.

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