Gun Storage Solutions: More Guns, More Gun Storage


I once saw a picture of King Tut’s tomb just after Howard Carter loosed the Pharaoh’s curse. A solid gold boat here, a bunch of chairs there, some entombed slaves in the corner. It was a mess. Gun collectors can relate. No matter how you organize your gun safe, the box gets stuffed with firearms, to the point where you have more muzzles banging into each other than a puppy farm. So buy some of these handgun managers from and sort yourself out. M’kay? $20 for four. And make the jump to see how Gun Storage Solutions can get your rifles to straighten up and store right . . .

You Velcro the underside of a safe shelf (i.e., a shelf that goes in your safe safely.) You put the shelf in your safe just above your rifles maximum height (when you done stood it up). You put the Velcro-tipped tube inside the rifle. You pull the tube until the tip suckers to the shelf. And there you have it: perpendicular long arms, and lots of them. Kinda like a LMFAO concert. [Note to owners of 6X Glocks: you’re good to stow.]


  1. avatar Keith Nuhn says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. avatar Todd S says:

    These things really work… turned my 24-gun safe into a 30 gun safe in about 5 minutes.

  3. avatar janklow says:

    i use those Velcro-tipped gun rods myself and they’re very effective … unless you have long guns of greatly-varied lengths

  4. avatar Mides says:

    Good Post.

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