Gun Ban at the National Political Convention? Guess Which One . . .

“Protesters at this summer’s political conventions could be packing more than hot tempers.” Do you see what the did there? Right from the first sentence, the paper is implying that American citizens who carry guns [legally] are a hot-tempered, trigger-happy threat to law and order. “Demonstrators could come armed with guns, thanks to lenient laws in the host states Florida and North Carolina.” See? “Lenient,” as “merciful, generous, or indulgent.” The gun carrying hotheads are being “allowed” to carry guns by the Powers That Be rather than, say, exercising their right to keep and bear arms during a democratic (small d) demonstration of their political will. Uh-oh! “The idea of protesters carrying guns has officials in Tampa, the site of the GOP convention, and Charlotte, where Democrats will convene, are becoming increasingly concerned [sic].” And so . . .

The Tampa City Council voted Thursday to ask GOP Gov. Rick Scott to change the gun laws during the Republican National Convention at the end of August, at which the GOP presidential candidate will officially be nominated.

“We feel it is necessary and prudent to take this step to prevent a tragedy,” Councilwoman Lisa Montelione said, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The city’s leaders have already proposed a list of banned items at the convention, including hatchets, chains and gas masks — but they are prevented from prohibiting concealed guns.

And now, prepared to be surprised. Over at the Democratic Convention site . . .

Officials in North Carolina have not publicly voiced concern as authorities try to balance resident’s safety and the First and Second amendments.

“We can’t change what the state legislature has in place,” acknowledged Mark Newbold, an attorney with the Charlotte Police Department.

Huh. One wonders what would’ve happened if protestors at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago had been armed.


  1. avatar Elliotte says:

    I don’t think anyone should be surprised. I think the Dem Convention officials simply never considered the possibility that people in and around the convention might be legally armed.

  2. avatar outdoorrat says:

    Hatchets, Chains, Gas masks, oh my!

  3. avatar bontai Joe says:

    How is a gas mask considered a weapon?

    1. avatar outdoorrat says:

      Not a weapon, but to render Tear Gas useless maybe?

    2. avatar nonnamous says:

      You have no right to defend yourself against the police.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    One wonders what would’ve happened if protestors at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago had been armed.

    They probably would not have had the sh!t beaten out of them by the Chicago gestapo.

    1. avatar mikeb302000 says:

      Sometimes your idea of a sense of humor is just stupid.

      In ’68 if the protesters had been armed with guns, a few cops would have been killed and then LOTS of protesters would have been.

      That’s because arming people on either side of the problem makes matters worse, as a general rule.

  5. avatar Loren says:

    Come on America…. how stupid can our officials be??? Do they actually think that if the law says that you cant have a gun somewhere that the bad guys are going to listen? The people who can legally carry are the ones that are the LEAST likely to do something stupid because they know what will happen to them of they do… it is the BG’s that OBVIOUSLY don’t care about your Stupid laws that are the problem and disarming law abiding citizens they think is the answer? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  6. avatar asia331 says:

    That’s precisely the point Bontai Joe; among the law abiding the gas mask is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and not being able to act effectively in one’s own self defense is exactly what the powerful want of their serfs.

  7. avatar Tom says:

    “We feel it is necessary and prudent to take this step to prevent a tragedy,”
    Yes, a free society is a tragedy, so it is necessary and prudent to have a Nazi Dicatorship. Kraft Durch Fruede!

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    “We feel it is necessary and prudent to take this step to prevent a tragedy,” Councilwoman Lisa Montelione said,

    Hey Lisa, grow up and start making adult decisions that are based on facts and logic, and not based on your precious feelings.

  9. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Well if it legal to carry, then they could simply request that no firearms would be allowed in the convention but on the streets is another matter.
    Since the are running the conventions they have a right to say no guns inside, but changing city or state laws seems, well stupid.

    I have to agree a person intent or committing a crime could care less of any laws.

  10. avatar fatfred says:

    There is a long list of prohibited places listed in the NC CCW statute. I believe one of them is political gatherings and another is public parades.

  11. avatar Phydeaux says:

    A quick google search shows Lisa Montelione to be a Democrat and in her first term. She’s likely just looking to stir up a bit of PR for herself, and give Republicans a little heart burn at the same time.

  12. avatar David W. says:

    Yeah, secret service can carry stuff like this:

    Yet we can’t have a gas mask.

  13. avatar Parthenon says:

    “The idea of protesters carrying guns has officials in Tamp are becoming increasingly concerned.”


  14. avatar tdiinva says:

    As a resident of Chicago and a veteran of the 1968 Democratic Convention I can assure you the protesters were anything but peaceful hippie types. Sure there were many in the crowd who were too stoned to know that they needed to get out of the way but they were there for canon fodder purpses only. The core of the crowd sought out and got just what they wanted — a confrontation with the police. While I was sympathetic to them in the moment as I gained maturity I realized that the organizers were a bunch of scum seeking to play at being revolutionaries.

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