Silencers Are Legal Shoot Massive Success

The first Silencers Are Legal shoot in Dallas, Texas was a massive success, and I doubt you’ll find anyone who disagrees. The range was absolutely packed with people trying out silencers, vendors showing off their products and services, and all with an atmosphere more like a carnival than anything else. It was a ton of fun for everyone involved, and I’ve got some stories coming out over the next few days showcasing some of the more interesting things I saw. Mike Mers of AAC, self proclaimed silencer nerd, claims to have seen things at the shoot he’s never even heard about — and we’ll be showing you everything. For now, have some random snapshots.


  1. avatar Jason says:

    Silencers suck, don’t buy one! (Just doing my part to get those ATF approval times down. C’mon ATF, let me have my Octane-9!)

    1. avatar Nate says:

      We should be getting that law repealed.

  2. avatar Mashashin says:

    Nick these are some of the best firearms Photos I’ve seen keep up the great work

  3. avatar Ron says:

    Silencers….moderators should be legal to buy without the ATF crap. They do more to save hearing than anything else. Truth is every military and hunting weapon shoud have it built into the barrel.

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