Now on Sale: Foghorn’s Firearms for Newbies Book

The day has finally come — I’ve released my first book to the world. Now you too can purchase a copy, and hopefully make someone’s entry into the firearms world a little bit easier. Just be aware that this isn’t the Complete Guide to Firearms and All Things Shooty (which is in the works), this book is designed to be just enough to get someone going without overwhelming them. Much. Buy your paperback copy here right now for $4.99, use the promo code “EQQSAPBR” to knock 50 cents off the cover price (and bring it down to what it costs to produce the thing without my cut) TODAY ONLY! Or you could buy it through, where it’s eligible for Prime shipping. Oh, and the Kindle version is available too — right here.


  1. avatar brigo05 says:

    Anyone using the promo code should kick themselves in the nuts for not supporting one of our good writers…
    Long live the Leghorn!

  2. avatar Adam D says:

    Just bought it for the kindle!

    1. avatar brian.z says:

      And another.

      1. avatar DavidS says:

        and one more!

  3. avatar Mark C. says:

    I just ordered a copy off Amazon.

    1. avatar Selektaa says:

      Congrats Nick! Got mine off Amazon too, I’ll post a review as soon as I’ve read it.

  4. avatar Pat C says:

    Congratulations! It is a good feeling, ain’t it?

    TTAGers: you can really help him out by posting a review as soon as possible after you’ve read it. On the Kindle, once you’ve gotten to the very end it’ll even prompt you to rate it. That sort of thing boosts rankings and prominence, which is *everything* on Amazon.

  5. avatar OODALOOP says:

    Hey, it even qualifies for the Amazon 4 for 3 deal. Buy 4 of them and you get one free! So Nick makes $$$ for 4 copies, Amazon picks up the cost of the 4th, ships it to me for free and gives me $1 toward future MP3 purchases. Wow, I don’t know how the market economy can afford to sustain this, but I’m all in.

  6. avatar bob says:

    You should get it produced in the barns and noble nook platform too.

  7. avatar CarlosT says:

    Just bought it for my Kindle and got about halfway through it on my lunch hour. Good read. Found one tiny spelling error, but it’s really well written and the style is really engaging and draws you in from the very start. I’m going to review it as soon as I’m done tonight.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Done and reviewed. I really liked it. I pretty much knew everything covered, but the style and presentation were great.

  8. avatar RuffRidr says:

    Any plans for iBooks store? I prefer buying there.

  9. avatar Megaman! says:

    Does this book teach you how to drop someone’s 930 on the rocks and not apologize for it? I really need that skill man.

  10. avatar enemy_spy says:

    I was wondering if this book had a section on how to damage brand-new borrowed shotguns? I’m looking to get into that and I was told you have experience in that field

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