New from Magpul: Orange Shotgun Stocks

Magpul introduced their shotgun stocks at SHOT this year, featuring mainly black and “flat dark earth.” Here at NRA they’re featuring a version of their stocks in blaze orange, which looks pretty good but may cause some confusion if someone sees a decked out shotgun and thinks the orange means it’s a toy instead of a real gun. Needless to say I won’t be a customer in that color, but I’m already hot on their heels for a black version.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Hey, remember what I said about putting a zombie green Hogue stock on my pistol-grip pump gun? Scratch that.

    Edit: Blah, scratch that again. Magpul’s stocks are for the Remington 870, so no-go for my Mossie. Hogue it is.

  2. avatar 40&2000 says:

    Ive seen shotguns with orange stocks be designated “less lethal” guns by PDs. Presumably loaded with bean bags etc.

    1. avatar caffeinated says:

      That’s more or less the SOP in LEO world. Lesser funded departments tend to use colored tape and stencils.

  3. avatar William says:

    Safety issues aside, I think that’s a bad ass looking shotty. Cool enough even for me to open my wallet.

    Of course, I am an OFWG with a FDE Magpul-equipped AR-15, so feel free to disagree. My tactical poser status is well documented.

    Actually, on second thought, that’d be good for hunting safely. Yeah…that’s my story.

  4. avatar Michael Bluth says:

    I already use magpul’s 4 different mag colors to designate different ammunition flavors. I’d buy orange mags or furniture (among other colors) if I had an appropriate use for them. So long as they don’t roll out an orange muzzle device, I don’t see a problem here.

  5. avatar Tom says:

    I think Remington has a 597 in Blaze Orange Camo.

  6. avatar Justice says:

    That actually looks pretty cool. Anything to make my firearm pop out is cool with me, vs the standard evil black furniture.

    then again, I’m a big fan of FDE and other unique colors.

  7. avatar Sean Salyer says:

    Why use Safety Orange Magpul setup for shotgun? For “me”, it would be easier to see if I needed to locate it without my glasses… (I can see “colors & shapes” without my glasses, but everything else is blurry…

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