CMMG: 300 BLK Selling like Hotcakes

I’ve been talking to CMMG and RF has made a pass by their booth, and they’ve told us the exact same thing: they’re selling out of 300 BLK rifles. They’re churning them out as fast as they can but demand is keeping pace. Which is great news for me, as Tula says there isn’t enough demand for them to make a 300 BLK run yet. Yet.


  1. avatar Texas Deputy says:

    Don’t let RF eat any …

  2. avatar David says:

    If I can get ammo for around 30c a round (buying in bulk, reloads, whatever), I’ll buy one. It will be my first AR. I love the idea, but at the current price of ammo, I won’t take it plinking…

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      Roger that! I’ll jump into .300 Blk or 6.8 SPC as soon as I can afford to practice extensively with it. On my budget, that means Wolf, Bear or Tulammo at $.30 a round.

  3. avatar DaveM says:

    Anybody serving up samples of Tactical Bacon ?
    Discounts for buying in bulk ?
    Looking for another healthy alternative to my SHTF supply of Spam.

    1. avatar Texas Deputy says:

      I was looking for a bulk supply. The Tactical Bacon was selling for a premium price, but I found a competitor on Amazon:

      12 Cans (full case) Yoders Canned Bacon 9 Oz Each

  4. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Bacon Bacon Bacon!!!!
    Got to luv it!

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