Best SAL Booth: Gemtech

I’m a bit of an AAC fanboy, but even I have to call out Gemtech’s booth for being the best run at the Silencers Are Legal shoot. The day was designed to be carnival-like in atmosphere, with no set schedule of events and members of the public cycling through all day long. And Gemtech did it the best. Here’s what you guys missed…

Many of the manufacturers had firing positions, and in general they just had people queue up and shoot whatever they wanted. Some provided ammunition, others asked you to get your own from one of the vendors in the parking lot. But Gemtech decided to take a different approach.

Gemtech had people queue up in front of their booth, but instead of firing just one thing they would fire a wide array of Gemtech’s products. They asked for $10, and in return the shooters received a Nalgene, 50 rounds of Gemtech branded .22lr, 5 rounds of .308, 5 rounds of .300 BLK, 10 rounds of 9mm, some swag and entry into a contest for some more swag. It made the visitors feel like they were getting well more than their money’s worth while keeping Gemtech’s cost for the day down slightly.

Once the shooters had their ammo they meandered down to the shooting line and tried some of Gemtech’s products, moving from one shooting station to the next. It ran like a well oiled machine, churning people through as fast as possible while still giving them a fun experience. No wonder the booth was swamped all day long.

Gemtech was definitely the best run booth at the event, getting the most people through and giving them the best experience. I mean, AAC comes close, but it’s hard to compete with swag.


  1. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Sounds like more fun than grownups are supposed to have.

  2. avatar bob says:

    Swag is for boys, class is for men.

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      Perhaps, but it’s only appropriate given that free crap at conventions makes me feel like a kid in a candy store….

  3. avatar feek says:

    “queue up”

    When Did I move to Jolly old England. Here in the USA we LINE UP

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