Professional Retention: N8² Tactical’s Tuckable IWB Solution

We stopped by N8² Tactical’s hopping booth where everyone was hard at work hawking their latest (as well as the oldies but goodies), the Professional model retention IWB tuckable holsters. Amanda Beard, who’s married to one of the squared Nates, was happy to show us the Pro model that Brad reviewed quite favorably back in November. The North Carolina holster makers were busier than a sunscreen vendor in a nudist colony, hawking their holsters to the thousands cramming the NRA convention floor. If nothing else, there should be a few more comfy concealed carriers out there.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    I finally figured out why all these companies are making their holsters IWB. They’re just too ugly to wear OWB.

  2. avatar Nemesis says:

    It may be ugly, but it is THE holster for appendix carry…That pad keeps it out of your ribs nicely..

  3. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

    I love this holster! Use it daily.

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