Never Mind Gun Control. We Need Weenie Wagon Control

An Albuquerque hot dog vendor faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after police say he rammed his food cart into a competitor. WaPo reports that police say Eric Kilmer used his hot dog cart to run over the legs and feet of rival Vincent Montoya. Other vendors told KOB-TV that Montoya is seeking a restraining order against Kilmer. It was not immediately known why the two were fighting. If Kilmer is convicted, he could face up to three years in prison. It was unclear if he had an attorney.


  1. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Ha! Did he have an open carry permit for that uhm weenie??
    Let the puns fly folks!!!!

  2. avatar Bill Baldwin says:

    That’s one of those assault weenie wagons with the thing that goes up in the back. There is no reason someone would need that.

  3. avatar Silver says:

    There are hot dog carts on the same city streets as children!

    Like I always said, only the police and military know how to use hot dog carts responsibly. Though, to be fair, it probably would’ve taken a cop ten or eleven rams before he manages to connect with the victim.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    Police grilled the hot dog vendor when his alibi didn’t cut the mustard. I’m sure that Kilmer doesn’t relish the idea of prison, but it’s time for him to roll over because he’s in hot water.

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      LMAO you better table this discussion or someone might a salt you with their pepper!

      1. avatar Tom says:

        I am hungry for the bread and meat of this matter.

    2. avatar Nate says:

      That is pretty damn funny. I think you earned 1 internets today.

  5. avatar TTACer says:

    My name iss Inigo Montoya! You ran over my father Vincent with a hot dog cart! Prepare to get run over by a hot dog cart!

    1. avatar Michael B. says:


    2. avatar Bob says:

      +1 LMAO

  6. avatar Bob says:

    He better get a hot dog attorney, or he could spend a long time in prison protecting his buns.

  7. avatar Aharon says:

    Was Mr. Weenie wearing a kilt?

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