Booth Babe: Cabela’s Tabatha

As we were elbowing our way through the gridlocked throngs that are packing the aisles of the America’s Center this morning, we (literally) ran into Tabatha whose job it is to hand out Cabela’s discount coupons and credit card come-ons to the great unwashed masses. Hell, somebody has to do it and it might as well be someone who looks like Tabatha. Somehow she manages to accomplish her mission with good humor and a smile that closely approximates the real thing. So if you’re not already here, please stay away. There are already far too many attendees (someone had to have slipped the fire marshal a few Benjamins to look the other way.) But if you are here, be sure to stop by and chat Tabatha up. She’ll love you for it.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Cute girl. Why is she dressed like Jim Fowler?

    1. Because there’s no way in hell Marlin’s gonna wrassle that gator.

  2. avatar Texas Deputy says:

    Can you please post some of the Cabela’s discount coupons here?

    1. The deal is $20 off your next purchase of $150 or more. Cabela’s Buck Code is RZETCZ. If that helps.

  3. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Very attractive girl-next-door look for Tabatha. Nice that she ain’t popping plastic boobies all over the place.

  4. avatar jkp says:

    “we (literally) ran into Tabatha….”

    I hope she (literally) wasn’t injured.

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