Something About a Package Deal?

Unfortunately I honestly can not remember the girls’ names, nor what booth they were at. I guess I was distracted . . .


  1. avatar Aharon says:

    Who cares what their names are?

  2. avatar Mark says:

    I saw a reference the other day to “booth babes” (?). Now I understand.

  3. avatar borekfk says:

    The one on the left looks a bit too plastic-y.

  4. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

    You guys are killing it today! Your efforts are much appreciated.

  5. avatar Tom says:

    2 for 1 sale!

  6. avatar ry_ry says:

    i’m very much impressed on the effort put forth by the TTAG journalists on this outing.

    after the SHOT show, i was starting to wonder.

  7. avatar matthew says:

    I agree with what people above have been saying.

    It moved.

  8. avatar KYgunner says:

    Sweet baby Jesus. And I bet the company put them up in the same hotel room… Oh to be a fly on that wall!!

  9. avatar James St. John says:

    Are are you you seeing seeing double double!!

  10. avatar James St. John says:

    “Payments Package”, ooh let my mind wonder

  11. avatar Tom W. says:

    Find the Tapco girl……get a free T-shirt, and enjoy the scenery….She was stunning at the Charlotte Convention…I can’t remember what Tapco was exhibiting, but Ashley was enough….

  12. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

    Guys, these chicks are probably local modeling agency girls hired for the weekend.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      I’ve hired a few girls for the weekend, but they weren’t from a modeling agency.

        1. avatar mmasse1 says:

          Fast and Furious comes to mind

  13. avatar bontai Joe says:

    It took me a few minutes but I see they work for Midway. Lovely ladies for sure!

  14. avatar Blake says:

    The one on the left is old enough to be the mother of the one on the right. So, I’ll try not to be distracted by the one on the right.

    (I’m trying to give myself an out, because otherwise, I’m ogling gals that are younger than my daughter…and I find that thought a bit creepy)

  15. avatar cz82mak says:

    Meh, their roots are showing & they probably have pointy elbows & big feet. 😉

  16. avatar joseph says:

    And the problem is???

  17. avatar gordon says:

    There are enough problems with our public image, and congrats, you are making it worse.

    Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype that gun owners are lonely, inappropriate men.

    1. avatar twency says:

      Totally agree.

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