NRA Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum (with Fog Machines!)

Okay, I can understand having The 1812 Overture or Hooray for the Red White and Blue playing over the sound system, but fog machines?!?

Anyway, having hiked all the way out to BFE (thank G-d for Gail Pepin of Guns Magazine who navigated for us) had my possessions pawed and my person patted, I was escorted in to the sanctum sanctorum and shoved way the heck off to the side of the podium with the rest of the media types.

Admittedly my media credentials allowed me to miss the 1/4 mile long line (thank-you Robert)  so I shouldn’t complain too much, but I am now ready to hear Gov. Romney (among others)  speak and then answer some hard-hitting questions from the media.


Okay, how about some softball questions from the media?

Nope. There will be a photo op with his Governorship standing heroically in front of, well, this:

No questions, no press conference, just a chance for the NRA bootlicks to kiss the ass of the man who, if he wins the election, many of us believe will utterly ignore the plain meaning of the Second Amendment.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Romney is lobbying hard for the NRA endorsement. POTUS is hating on the NRA so bad you’d think that Wayne LaPierre personally shot Trayvon Martin. WTF do you expect the NRA to do?

  2. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    They are picking the questionable lesser of two evils. It’s a decision they pretty much have to make to try and score some points with Romney if he does the impossible.

    I thank God that I don’t have to make that decision, I’m voting Ron Paul.

  3. avatar Tom says:

    For some reason the Fog Machines are appropriate for this election.

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      +1 sadly

  4. avatar AAdelewit says:

    Какого хрена ты спалил тему? ладно, хрен с ним!
    Серёга, давай доганяй теперь!
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    мы получили! Прохлопаешь, будешь курить в сторонке!
    и больше не сливай другу, а то он задолбал меня вопросами!

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