Hinds Integral Bipods

Being a gun rights guy and less of a gun guy, I may be too easily impressed, but making your bipod integral to the stock looks like a pretty good idea.


  1. avatar Tom says:

    Yeah, that is not a bad idea for bipod shooters.

  2. avatar David says:

    Is the stock hollow up front? Make em slide into the front of the stock and not dangle under the barrel like… Well, just let them hide in there (and make the ridiculously large hinge smaller) and I think you’d have a winner.

  3. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Any pricing info? I am wiping the drool off my keyboard!!!
    David has a great idea though you could put grooves in there that hide the legs when retracted so when not using it, and shooting from lets say a kneel then it should be more comfortable to hold.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    Anyone know their website?

  5. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Was looking for that myself, and I had a brain fart the legs slide up in the stock now that is sweet…

  6. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Doesn’t look like they have a website but here is their info
    508 Jasper Street
    West Columbia, SC 29171
    United States
    Phone: 803-331-2834
    Fax: 803-796-8614

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