Best SAL Booth: Gemtech

I’m a bit of an AAC fanboy, but even I have to call out Gemtech’s booth for being the best run at the Silencers Are Legal shoot. The day was designed to be carnival-like in atmosphere, with no set schedule of events and members of the public cycling through all day long. And Gemtech did […]

When Being the Most Surveilled, Anti-Gun Country in the World Just Isn’t Enough . . .

[HTML1] “Some London residents are getting troops and surface-to-air missiles on their rooftops for the Summer Olympics,” the AP reports. “British security officials identified potential sites for the missiles on Monday and announced plans for security tests during the week.” A journalist dropped the dime on the missile sites after finding a flyer from Her Majesty’s […]

Washington, Where Nothing’s Funnier than Government-Sponsored Gun-Running

The Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a self-congratulatory mutual masturbation marathon that’s ostensibly a “roast” of the President. No matter who’s in the big chair, at best it’s a drunken festival of strained jokes, rictus-like grins and too-hearty knee slaps. Even with Lindsay Lohan in attendance. But as non-threatening as most of the routines […]

Silencers – It’s All About the Giggle

When people think about buying their first silencer, there’s some natural hesitation. Silencers are expensive, the paperwork is a pain in the ass, and it takes forever for the ATF to approve anything. It seems like a lot of hassle for something that doesn’t provide a lot of benefits. Until you use one for the […]

Self-Defense Tip: Training vs. Experience

Written by Greg Ellifritz. Republished with permission from Most people “know” that criminal attackers don’t take formal training classes and they assume that if an honest citizen has a couple of good training classes under his belt, he will beat the untrained, poorly skilled criminal in a fight. This may be true, but in some cases […]

AAC: New Management, New Mindset?

Mike Mers and his Advanced Armament crew were at the Silencers Are Legal shoot in Dallas showing off the best of what AAC has to offer, but I was more interested in what’s going on behind the curtain. I visited AAC last year and had an inside peek behind the scenes, but things have changed […]