First Time Texas CHL: The Gears Grind Slowly

Background Check Complete. We’ve moved one step further.


  1. avatar Mike says:

    If you getting it in less than 8 months you’re ahead of the game. That’s how long it took to get mine in 2009.

  2. avatar Ben Eli says:

    Good golly gosh I love PA.

    1. avatar John Fritz says:

      As do I. For this particular reason. It baffles me why this state is as gun friendly as it is. Look at our neighbors.

  3. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    Took a whopping 6 business days here in AZ!

    1. avatar Jason says:

      Texas just doesn’t seem to live up to its wild west image. In Arizona, the presumption was that honest men carried their weapons openly, and for many years, that was the only way to carry. In Texas, you can get in trouble if your concealed firearm is accidentally exposed. And you can’t even get a CCW without a bunch of rigamarole? Next you’ll be telling me there ain’t no saguaro in Texas!

      1. avatar Chad says:

        You can’t actually get in trouble if your gun is accidentally exposed. The law says “intentionally”.

  4. avatar ready, fire,aim says:

    you will have it within 45 days…guranteed

  5. avatar Morsesus says:

    WA State took less than 3 weeks, and I’m not a resident.

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    renewals to Florida take a long time too.

  7. avatar Longtime Lurker says:

    Last step: manufacturing. For some reason I imagined a bunch of blacksmiths pounding on a piece of iron forming a license.

    1. avatar Tyler Kee says:

      If only. That’d be the coolest license. I’m still holding out hope that they can just put it as an endorsement on my driver’s license.

      1. avatar HAVE GUN says:

        “I’m still holding out hope that they can just put it as an endorsement on my driver’s license.”

        When I got my first Kansas CCHL I had the option of receiving a new DL with CONCEAL CARRY LICENSE in red.

        I declined that. I can just see going to a store having to present that for ID as I write a check.

        BTW, for a number of reasons Kansas no longer offers that option. Such as DL good for 5 yrs, CCHL 4yrs.

  8. avatar B. Malloy says:

    In the same boat waiting on my own Texas CHL. The anticipation is the worst part. That and the $225 in class, fees, and fingerprinting.

  9. avatar Roger says:

    Just received my Va cwp last week. Took 15 days.

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    I got my MA license 39 days from submission and my nonres FL license by return mail. What’s up with TX?

    1. avatar Mike says:

      Texas Government Code section 411.177(b) requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue or deny a CHL within 60 days. However, the reality is that they are understaffed/funded especially given the increase in numbers of people applying for a CHL. Also, they don’t just use the NICS database for the background check, they actually have a trooper search the relevant county records about applicants, which in some cases may require a trip to that county. That’s where most of the delay comes from.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Yeah, a lot of issuing authorities are under water. I applied for a New Hampshire nonres permit over three weeks ago and by statute, the NH State Police must issue in 14 days. The thing is, the department didn’t even deposit my check until earlier this week. They must be totally jammed up.

  11. avatar CarlosT says:

    If you’re a resident in Washington state, by statute, they have up to 30 days to perform a background check, after which they must issue a permit if nothing has come up. That means the maximum wait time is 30 days; many issuing authorities take less time.

    I applied through King County and it took the full 30 days. This is probably due to King County being the largest county in the state and not to any anti-gun sentiment because the King County Sheriff is pretty pro-gun. A few years back, when budget cuts led to the security detail of a councilman being scaled down, it’s reported that her response to his complaints about this was “get a gun and learn how to use it”.

    I’ve heard of other, much smaller counties in the state issuing permits in as little as three days.

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