Comic genius (and Photoshop wizard) Rob Allen has the scoop on Kel Tec’s latest innovation. Gun makers have turned a deaf ear to the public’s cries for a multiple-round firing mouse gun for far too long. But George Kellgren rides to the rescue.

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12 Responses to Is the Arsenal 2011 Too Big to Carry? Here’s the Solution

  1. I love it!

    Always wanted to watch hot brass shell casings eject right back into your face!

    How much, where, and when can we get it?!?

    I want to add it to my double barrel 45.!

  2. well with kel tec’s past history on that POS ….pull the trigger and maybe…just maybe 1 chamber will fire….maybe keltec’s biggest piece of junk out there i should know….like a dummy I own one…it now makes a good paper weight…

  3. Out-freaking-standing. Someone should run a solidworks mock up through a 3D printer to make a prototype. Maybe the Freedom Group will pick it up and produce. I bet they could get at least one of the three actions to fire reliably.

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