OMG! Cop Killer Bullets! They’re BACK! OMG!

Let’s pick up the‘s story of an armed turnstile jumper in the middle of the article. “When the cops checked out the bulge, they found a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson. Toting a concealed weapon is bad enough, cops said. But Sanabria’s alleged turnstile blunder was even worse because the weapon was loaded with notorious hollow-point bullets. The […]

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright Was Right Edition

  You may remember Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright [above]. The Sheriff hit the headlines back in October after a woman was raped within his jurisdiction. Dan the Man posted on the Sheriff’s assertion that women should carry a concealed firearm (Sheriff Wright: Carry a Concealed Weapon. That’ll Fix It). Turns out Wright was right on principle: […]

Gear Review: Primary Arms Deluxe AR15 Scope Mount

  It was time to upgrade the scope mount on my AR. Some months back, I’d gotten behind my (self-imposed) schedule for finishing a review of the Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4 scope shown above. I had some 30mm Warne steel rings but they weren’t tall enough to even partly clear the A2 front sight post, […]

I Am George Zimmerman

[HTML1] “I am Trayvon Martin.” The homemade sign in the video above helps explain the outpouring of rage from the African American community. Millions of African Americans believe that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin for the crime of WWB (Walking While Black). That may or may not be true. Which doesn’t seem to matter. The […]

When the Bad Guys Aren’t Always Bad Guys

On Monday, Lebanon Police Officer Wheat responded to a man being attacked by a pair of boxers. He arrived at Memorial Park to see an elderly man bloodied on his arms and legs and his Yorkshire Terrier lying dead. While assessing the situation, one of the suspected boxers returned to the scene charging toward the […]

Gun Preview: Caracal C 9mm with Quick Sights

Remember our Caracal Amber Alert? It just paid off. The UAE-made 9mm with the weird sights was one of our favorite guns from the whole SHOT Show, but we couldn’t find one anywhere. After casting a veritable message in a bottle onto the wide seas of the internet, my message found its recipient and I […]