New from McMillan: CS5 Concealable Subsonic/Suppressed Sniper System

Looks good to me. Portable. Quiet. Accurate. .308 caliber. Just the thing to pack into a couple of motorcycle panniers and take to the range for a fun day out. Too bad McMillan’s CS5 come-on says the suppressed CS5’s for “military and law enforcement applications.” Then again, a quick call to Big Mac reveals that sure, average Joes are good to stow. All you need is pay for an NFA (National Firearms Act) SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) and Suppressor tax stamp, $6500 and three months lead time. Alternatively, you could forgo the 12″ 1-in-8 twist barrel, set aside $5500 and buy a CS5 with a 18.5″ or 24″ barrel, a 1-in-11 twist and go 6.5 Creedmore crazy (s’il vous plait). Eventually. For now, we give Big Mac props for not calling the shorter, louder model the STD.


  1. avatar JTB says:

    There is no SBR or Suppressor lisence. Get your NFA facts straight please.

  2. avatar okto says:

    So it’s a boltie, but they made it AR-shaped just for fun? Are there a lot of professional sharpshooters out there who were sick of palm support and good cheek welds?

  3. avatar Johnny says:

    Looks very interesting. Some might say its just another .308 bolt gun but its looks perfect to me.

  4. avatar Slab Rankle says:

    You could convert an FAL Paratroop style rifle, such as I have, into one of these, and it wouldn’t cost $6500 or $5500 or even $2500, and it would be semiautomatic.

    Now that I think of it, that would be a great project. Well, I’m glad something good came out of this little toy.

  5. avatar Ancel says:

    AR-10 Lower and Bolt action upper $6,500 you are paying for the name not me. DTA Desert Tactical Arms already came out with a 308 Bolt action Bullpup called the covert with 3 barrels in , 308, 300 win mag, and 338 I believe cheaper than this Knock off.

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