You Can Tell a Lot About a Man by His Friends

Our man Tyler Kee is on friend duty today, standing up in a buddy’s wedding. Fortunately, it appears the groom’s a good dude and knows what his groomsmen like. Above is a phone pic of the gift Tyler received this morning from the man about to take the vows. Which means that Tyler will be stylin’ as he strolls down that aisle in his monkey suit. We hope he takes note, too, as Tyler’s fixin’ to get hitched himself in the near future. No word yet, though, as to whether or not his intended is planning a shotgun wedding.


  1. avatar charlie Taylor says:

    I made a similar pair out of some 9mm casings for christmas as a gift for my father, he absolutely loved them!

  2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Where can we get these??

  3. avatar MadDawg J says:

    Very nice cuff links. My oldest sister had a very long engagement and by the time of the wedding she was actually 3 months pregnant so one of the wedding pictures we did was my dad and me holding him at gun point, safely unloaded of course. It was almost everyone’s (including my brother-in-law’s and my) favorite picture, but of course there where a couple of anti-gun nuts that missed the humor in it.

  4. avatar Eric says:

    My wife gave me those for Valentines Day two years ago. Great conversations ensued.

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