Safety Tip: Keep Your Gun Pointed in a, um, Safe Direction

Oh, and keep your finger off the trigger, too. The above is Photo of the Week at the Navy Safety Center. No, really. [h/t Graybeard]


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    A simple adjustment of windage and elevation will fix that.

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      Yep, looks to be about 3″ low and 3″ to the right.

  2. avatar Rabbi says:

    Navy Safety Center…Shirley you jest! Stop calling me Shirley!

  3. avatar Don says:

    It just went off!

  4. avatar Don says:

    I frequently dry practice pointed at my safe…..this may not be dry enough.

  5. avatar SCS says:

    Looks exactly like my safe sans bullet hole (oops).

  6. avatar Accur81 says:

    Forget the combination again?

  7. avatar JS III says:

    This Guy commented on this over @TFL. Claimed the 1911 style gun went off JUST from pressing the mag release with no trigger contact.

  8. avatar Derek says:

    “He had been clearing some pistols after a trip to the range, he wrote, and “forgot one small step.”

    Huh? What step in what process? The process of emptying your gun? What “step” in clearing your gun involves pulling the trigger? Keeping your booger hook off the bang switch isn’t exactly a “small step”.

    1. avatar Kahless1984 says:

      “Booger hook off the bang switch”

      I was seriously laughing out loud!!

  9. avatar Thomas Ridgway says:

    Hilarious to see this here, as we have these posted above our urinals at my command.

  10. avatar Tom says:

    Navy Danger Center.

  11. avatar supton says:

    Well, it was pointed in a safe direction, for whatever issue it was. Maybe he was stupid and pulled the trigger; or maybe it was a malfunction. Perfect reminder though about the four rules, and why they need to be reviewed periodically.

  12. An accidental discharge involving the DoD? Who would have thought? Ever here of the term/phrase – “G.I. Proof”?

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