Destinee’s Take: Kahr CM9 vs. Beretta Nano

TTAG’s always looking for new contributors who can tell the truth about guns or gun-related issues—without making our Armed Intelligentsia nod off or howl in protest. Actually, we like howling. Keeps us honest. Anyway, after meeting the mono-monikered Destinee at SHOT and checking out her [YouTube] channel, we knew she was the real deal. Our well-received Kahr CM9 review was the result. The young gun slinger recently posted her A/B look at two popular tiny nineys: the aforementioned CM9 and the Beretta Nano. Destinee’ll be writing up her Nano impressions for TTAG in the next 48 hours. As Rick said, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship . . .


  1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

    You know she hates the phrase “tiney niney,” don’t you?

    You’re just doing it to make her crazy, aren’t you?

    Don’t stop :p

    1. I was not aware of that.

      1. avatar Destinee says:

        It doesn’t really bother me. It’s just not a phrase I’d generally use. However, I do think that it adds something to color your handgun terminology. :]

  2. avatar Matt in FL says:

    She does a good job. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that the way she presents her information gives me confidence in her conclusions.

    The slow-mo part of that video was interesting because you could really see the difference in the trigger pull between the two guns.

  3. avatar Walter says:

    Great review! Thanks for your work in presenting these guns. (First saw you on Hickock45).

    I am in the process of deciding between the Nano and the S&W Shield. The Kahr is not on my radar right now. Wanting a pocket gun and the Shield is slightly too big for pocket carry and I want the option to pocket carry.

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