TTAG SHOT Show Coverage Begins . . . Now

Chris, Nick, Dan and I are circling back from the 2012 SHOT Show Range Day. We’re kicking off the dust, watering down the Jameson, ordering-up pot stickers, firing-up laptops and downloading a ballistic bonanza. As is our way, we’re holding nothing back; stand by for an epic data dump. I spent the day shadowing Chris, taking pics and video of his quest to shoot every new handgun available. Nick covered the rifles. Dan concentrated on shotguns. As we share the fruits of our time wandering in the wilderness, know this: TTAG will pull no punches. We will report the good, bad and the ugly—and trust that our Armed Intelligentsia knows the difference. Welcome to SHOT Show 2012!


  1. avatar the gun wire says:

    This is my third SHOT, but for some reason, I think SHOT will be a blast this year, more so than years past – even though it’s always awesome. I hope to run across you guys while here…

  2. avatar Harby94 says:

    Lucky journalists. Why can’t conferences like this be open to the public?

    1. avatar matt says:

      start your own blog and you can get in too

  3. avatar Gerard says:

    What? No mention of boobs?

    1. avatar NR says:

      Is Robert Farago the new faliaphotography?

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