Starbucks Appreciation Day Update: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Thinks You’re an Ass4ole


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSVG) recently declared a Valentine’s Day Starbucks boycott to protest the company’s firearms policy, which respects local, state and federal laws. Gun rights advocate Sebastian  and gay cynic responded by launching a Starbucks BUYcott; they’re asking gun owners to support the Seattle coffeesmith by spending a $2 bill at their local Starbucks on the same day (February 14). We know who we are, but who is the CSVG? Click here to view the explanatory YouTube video “Meet the CSVG staff.” But that’s 6:38 of the usual agit-prop. Better to watch the video above, posted on their YouTube channel yesterday, to get a feel for the CSGV’s preferred level of discourse and what they think about you, the average American gun owner. Now are you ready to spend that $2 bill?


  1. avatar Jwhite says:

    Man they love blocking comments.
    I love how the guy says “This man steve had a restraining order against this other guy” or some crap like that. Should bought a gun.

  2. avatar RuffRidr says:

    Does the eagle pay attention to the fly? Who cares what CSVG thinks? They are irrelevant.

    1. avatar ready, fire,aim says:


    2. avatar Greg in Allston says:

      But isn’t it fun when they hold their breath and turn blue?

      1. avatar Graybeard says:

        Yeah, it is.

        Reminds me of the true story of a little girl who loved to throw an all-out hissy fit, falling to the floor and banging the back of her head on the floor.

        They lived in a pier-and-beam house with wood floors.

        Then she was somewhere on a concrete-slab floor. Got upset, threw herself down for her (usual) hissy-fit, slammed her head once into that floor, got real quiet. And quit throwing hissy-fits.

        Here’s hoping these intellectual toddlers slam themselves into a concrete floor real soon.

        1. avatar ready, fire,aim says:


  3. avatar TStanton says:

    I already have my money ready to go. You better believe I’ll be there on Val’s Day.

  4. avatar Greg says:

    Their website is the best.

    My favorite graphic is the direct line showing increased gun laws with increased safety from gun crime.

    I view them as strictly low rent, trying to get on the bandwagon and getting some money in their doors.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      My personal favorite is the classification of weapons. Apparently semiautomatic AR-15s can fire 13 rounds a second.

      Show of hands on who has magic fingers like that?

  5. avatar Tom says:

    Who cares about CSGV? They can pound sand.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Another gungrabbing “coalition.” Coalition of what? Listen, gungrabbers. Being on the Joyce Foundation teat does not make you a coalition. It makes you whores.

  7. avatar Silver says:

    We should all be thanking CSGV; they inspired this wave of Starbucks support, and thus pro-2A awareness. Whatever “boycott” they produce will be so utterly dwarfed by widespread pro-2A support.

    Sort of like how mikeb inadvertently makes gun owners look better due to his laughable opinions, so does CSGV in their little hissy fit here.

  8. avatar zerplex says:

    I just realized where I get all my $2 bills. The Gun Show. They give you a $2 bill as change for a ten for admittance at the door. I don’t think i’ve ever received one anywhere else as change, funny.

    I always have had a $2 bill in my wallet my grandfather gave me one when I was very young said it was good luck.

  9. avatar Jason says:

    All of the pro-gun people I know are also against gun violence too! They also want common-sense laws that effectively seek to reduce violence in the US.

    This organization seems to be everything everyone is looking for…why doesn’t everyone join it, so we can better work to achieve these goals? Actually get some common sense in this group looking for it?

  10. Starbucks knows that there are far more gun lovers then gun haters. Starbucks also knows that gun owners have money to spend. Guns and Ammo are not cheap. It is in Starbucks interest to befriend gun owners.

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