Quote of the Day: Government Thugs Heart Gun Control Edition


“By all indication, they appeared to be going for Mr George Agaba, the director of Physical Planning. The action of the mob prompted Agaba’s bodyguard to fire in the air to secure Agaba and disperse the crowd,” KCCA spokesperson Mr Peter Kaujju [via monitor.co.ug]


  1. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    Interesting interpretation of “fire into the air”.

    1. avatar KYgunner says:

      Yeah , I think that’s a misprint. They meant crowd, not air.

      1. avatar Ajax says:

        Guys…clearly they meant the air between the muzzle and the demonstrators bodies.

  2. avatar sdog says:

    the person who filmed this is incredibly lucky they did not catch a round filming this. Possibly the worst “security” guards I’ve ever seen.

  3. avatar DaveL says:

    Possibly the worst “security” guards I’ve ever seen.

    You can say that again. Do you know what kills me, though? Look at time index 1:54. Dr. Kalashnikov here gets handed the rifle by someone else. The guy who takes a dozen shots (without aiming once) at unarmed civilians, and takes 12 seconds to unfold the stock (with the muzzle jammed into the dirt) is apparently their designated rifleman. I guess none of the other guys rose to his level of proficiency and professionalism.

  4. avatar Yeah, that guy says:

    Whoa… too bad at 3:38 he didn’t shoot his fellow thug in the back of the head. Tyranny at its finest.

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