Bullet Maker Olin’s Profits Go Ballistic

“Olin Corporation (NYSE: OLN – News) announced today that its fourth quarter 2011 net income was $18.7 million, or $0.23 per diluted share, which compares favorably to net income of $2.0 million, or $0.02 per diluted share in the fourth quarter of 2010.” Ya think? finance.yahoo.com reports that [Olin subsidiary] Winchester Ammunition’s earnings fell from the “surge levels” of 2009 and 2010 ($122.5m vs. to $112.7m). Still, the White Box people toted-up the third most profitable year in the company’s history. Overall, parent Olin’s 2011 profits nearly quadrupled, to $214.7 million. Now if Obama gets re-elected . . . [h/t to David Cade for the link]


  1. avatar sdog says:

    god, these people make so much $ off of me 🙂 What other ammo brands does the Olin corp make i wonder?

  2. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Why would this be surprizing? Commodity prices have been down or level for the past couple of years and the big ammo companies seem to have some type of gentleman’s agreement not to lower their prices to pre-Obama election scare levels.

    They are making a bucketload of money because everyone seems to be happy paying them and forgetting that they CAN go down again.

  3. avatar MikeSilver says:

    The stock didn’t budge on the news. RGR seems to be the “play” on guns.

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