New (?) Land Rover Defender with Built-In Gun Safe

The Land Rover Defender handles like the QE2, accelerates like the QE2 and sucks gas like the QE2. It may be easy to fix, but it’s about as reliable as a steam-driven PC. In fact, I was laboring under the impression that the company’d done the right thing and killed the model back in 2009. Apparently not. What’s more, the new Blaser edition of the most British of SUVs (now owned by an Indian conglomerate) comes equipped with a gun safe (make the jump for the photo). For Germans. “Land Rover will reveal the Defender Blaser Edition publicly at the ‘Hunting and Dog’ show in Germany,” reports . . .

The show is expected to draw about 70,000 attendees and, according to Land Rover, is Europe’s most important expo for hunting enthusiasts. The Blaser Edition starts at €49,500 (about $64,500) and is limited to just 60 examples, all to be sold in Germany.

You might say something about karma and payback and that sort of thing, but I couldn’t possibly comment. [h/t to David Brown]



  1. Nice to see you scratching that inner car guy itch a little Robert. We would definitely like to see a guest appearance with that classic Farago car guy angle on our site if you ever get an uncontrollable urge to dabble in a four-wheeled topic.

  2. avatar Javier says:

    I LIKE IT. Too bad I live in Joisy. Though it would make for a good tool carrier. Lest someone steals the truck.

  3. avatar Gerard says:

    Is this the one Top Gear was showing off in their studio once?

    1. avatar zerplex says:

      If your talking about British Top Gear than no it is not.

      I can’t remember the name of the model they had but it was a newer discovery I believe with a ton of pimp stuff. It had the replenishing liquor cabinet in the back that the tuning (pimping?) company would replenish your booze when it ran dry. It also had a brace of crazy over under shotguns in the trunk under the booze.

      1. avatar Gerard says:

        Yes, that was the one. I remember the booze supply.

  4. avatar liquidflorian says:

    Lay out why you dislike the Defender, Robert! I’m a bit of a rover nut and I’ve always wanted one.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    A gun safe with a car built around it? It’ll never fit in my closet.

  6. avatar Mark says:

    I’ve had a ‘Rover once and it was a real POS, but the defender is always and forever cool.

  7. avatar Eric says:

    The Defender is still in production, it’s just not sold in the U.S. In fact the last Defenders were sold in the U.S. in 1996 I believe.

    The Discovery is a Land Rover that is to NEVER be owned outside of warrantee, however the Defender is most times very relieable.

    As for the Indian conglomerate that owns Land Rover and Jaguar, that is Tata, one of the largest manufactures of commercial trucks in the work.

  8. avatar NCG says:

    Just look at the trucks one can buy in Australia, or a lot of other places. I would so love to have a crew cab Hilux with a diesel engine. Roughly 170 HP, gobs of torque, manual transmission, 27mpg combined. We Americans have relegated ourselves to overpriced, overpowered sissy mobiles. We can’t shift our own gears, even if we want to. The automobile press perpetuates the problem. Any vehicle that is slower to 60 than a 1970’s Porsche is deemed “inadequate.” A truck is a tool, not a second penis.×4-xtra-cab-pickup-turbo-diesel-manual

    1. avatar Sig says:

      EVERYBODY who rode in a Hi-Lux in our deployment to Afghanistan wanted one. Awesome trucks.

  9. avatar NCG says:

    Comment frustration. Trying to participate, as usual.

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