New from MasterPiece Arms: MPA57SST Defender, 22 Suppressors, Updated Protector


An Uzi-a-like based on the FN FiveSeven [click here to read our review of the strangely chambered Belgian favored by the U.S. Secret Service]. Who’d a thunk it? Then again, this type of firearm needs recoil like Kate Beckinsdale needs to go on a diet. No giggle switch (full auto) though. As for the new improved Protector, let’s hope the miniature marvel works, now. And even if it does, I’m not sure that porting the barrel of a gun that’s best used at near-as-dammit contact distance is such a great idea. And let’s hope no one’s index finger gets burned putting the pistol through its paces. Other than that, what’s not to love about a firearm so small it should have been Michael Leon Ward’s first choice?


  1. avatar Dan says:

    Give me a bolt action 5.7×28 instead.

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