Dustin Ellerman: I Won Top Shot Because I Didn’t Give a Sh!t

I bumped into Dustin Ellerman at the range today. The Top Shot champ was heading back to the registration line after failing to sneak-in a side entrance. (My plan too.) O.K., Dustin wasn’t trying to “sneak-in.” (I was.) As media candy for 5.11 Tactical, Dustin thought he was under no obligation to spend 30 minutes with the blogger who revealed his triumph before the TV series hit the half-way mark. Wrong. I asked the “disturbingly nice” marksman (Dan’s words) how he bested his fellow competitors to bank 100k . . .

“I was there having fun. Everyone else was trying to win . . . Sarah Ahrens was really nervous during our challenge. I was thinking ‘Oooh lighbulbs! I’m going to break ’em!”

Ellerman also revealed that he carries a Walther PPS in a Crossbreed Holster. The idea of someone wanting to harm this good-natured human being is entirely preposterous. But like Top Shot, there it is.


  1. avatar Tyler Kee says:

    You and Nick are looking way too cool for school in this photo.

  2. avatar sdog says:

    smoooooth operator.

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