Brand Extension of the Day: NRA Wine Club

I’m not sure if the plonk offered by the NRA to its members qualifies as a brand extension. Although the gun org pitches (and pitches and pitches) the “NRA Wine Club,” it’s an affiliate play. OFWGs who wish to defend American gun rights by the glass sign-on to the American Cellars Wine Club; they handle everything and send the NRA a check. More to the point—and more’s the pity—the wine doesn’t wear an NRA label. And what up with the names? Russian River Valley Pinot Noir? Commie wine! Matchmaker? Nah . . . too Jewish. How about  . . . Cold Dead Hands Chardonnay? Tap Rack Sauvignon Blank [sic]? Minute Man Merlot? C’mon guys; you can do better. Or worse. Yeah, go with worse. That would be fun.


  1. avatar Skyler says:

    The Russian River is in California.

    1. avatar pair-o-dee says:

      Yeah, but you can see it from Anchorage.

  2. avatar OnlyKetchup says:

    Wow….”Too Jewish”?

    I’m not Jewish, but stuff like that has nothing to do with firearms, and isn’t going to win anyone over.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      FYI I’m Jewish.

    2. avatar HSR47 says:

      Also, it is a reference to blazing saddles:

      Taggart: “We’ll kill the firstborn male in every household!”
      Headly Lamar: “Naahh… Too Jewish…”

  3. avatar pair-o-dee says:

    Hoppe’s 20/20? You go, dawg…

  4. avatar HAVE GUN says:

    “Hoppe’s 20/20?”

    Best known for its unique aroma.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    How about a pint of MD 10-22? Or perhaps a lovely Desert Eagle Chardonnay (very dry)?

  6. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Bin 1911 Zinfandel
    Evil Black Red
    Mouse Gun Merlot
    Carry-Piece Cabernet
    Shoot-Me-First Shiraz

  7. avatar HAVE GUN says:

    .45 Ripple Cripple

  8. avatar Dan says:

    NRA Members beware…!!! I joined the NRA wine club on the exact day I received the offer email (6/12/2012). I received my wines today (6/19/2012) HOWEVER… None of the wines promised in their email and still being offered today were included in my shipment. Also the Free Wine Tote or the $25 gift certificate that was to be shipped was even shipped yet… Contacted them and “well I don’t have an answer, we will have to get back to you…!!!” Check it out for yourself…

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