SHOT Show 2012 – The End of the Second Day

As part of TTAG’s continuing campaign to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the 2012 SHOT Show on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter), we’ve published dozens of posts. Today we took you to some of the more stabby booths, showed you Rock River Arms’ latest AR-15 and offered a sneak peek of the new Act of Valor movie. As we sit here enjoying our Mexican cuisine with FateOfDestinee and her Dad, we salute RF’s return to single parenthood paradise and contemplate another milestone. By the close of play, TTAG generated 108,059 page views, beating yesterday’s record (90,747). But wait! There’s more! TTAG’s team is in da house for another day. Our coverage’s only going to get better—especially since I’m not covering booth babes anymore. Thanks for reading.


  1. avatar AgentL says:

    Thank you for the on going coverage. Is the shot show open to the public? and maybe you can do a video? sorry if you already are, just a suggestion

    1. avatar Matt G. says:

      Nope, you have to know somebody to get in. Sucks or I would be there.

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