SHOT 2012: Wheels Up in DC [Foghorn]

By the time this is published I should be in the air somewhere over West Virginia, hurtling towards Las Vegas to start my coverage of the 2012 SHOT Show for TTAG. The show runs Monday to Friday, but I figured since I had never been to Vegas before I should take a couple extra days and see the sights. I’m planning on visiting some of the more interesting firearms related locations before the place gets swarmed with the other press people, especially that zombie preparedness store that piqued our collective interests. Stay tuned, because this is going to be one hell of a week.

[Image CC-BY-SA 3.0 by Joe Ravi]


  1. avatar Tom says:

    Will they also have full automatic weapons you can shoot at this one? Or am I thinking of another event out there?

  2. avatar frankgon4 says:

    I am headed their on Monday. Looking for places to check out.
    Never been to Las Vegas and Shot Show is as good an excuse as any.

  3. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    I used to live there. I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders.

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