NSSF: Glock Most Desired Firearms Brand of Christmas 2011

The NSSF posted a piece on their blog earlier today that showed the results of some analysis of blog posts and tweets they did regarding what people hoped to get or actually received for Christmas last year. Glock and Ruger dominate the list followed shortly by Colt, three companies that make handguns (the type of firearm driving the current sales spike). It’s not spectacularly scientific but it does shed some light on what people really want. And what they want is a simple concealed carry firearm with a track record. I think.


  1. avatar Tim says:

    Maybe reliable AND relatively inexpensive.

  2. avatar michael says:

    I do not doubt the popularity of Glock. Who would? But how many times have we read something like, “I am looking for a new gun. Is Glock a good choice?”

    Or, “I really want a new custom shop 1911, but dammit I only have $500.00 to spend. Would a 45 Glock be a good choice?”

    So to presume that a Glock is the “most desired” gun is not warranted based upon the outlined criteria. Personally, I’d like a Glock, but I’d love a multi-kilobuck custom 1911.

  3. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    A custom shop 1911 is jewelry. A Glock is a socket wrench. They’re priced, and purchased accordingly.

    1. avatar Derek says:

      I’m writing that one down.

    2. avatar NCG says:

      Yep. I don’t like Glocks. No rational reason, they’re just ugly. I certainly can’t argue with their functionality.

  4. avatar Jake F. says:

    I got myself a G32; with the giftcards and cash I got for Christmas I only paid $200. The look on my grandmother face when I walked in waved it in the air and said “Thanks Grandma” was priceless.

    1. avatar GUNSnDONUTS says:

      “waved it around…..” next IGOTD candidate?

      1. avatar Jake F. says:

        Don’t worry it was nothing so theatric. More a royal wave, hand in the air and give it a twist to avoid carpal tunnel from greeting the subjects all day.

        1. avatar GUNSnDONUTS says:

          –kinda jealous, my grandma only bought me socks….

  5. avatar BrAndon says:

    Nick, you love Glocks you just don’t know it yey.

  6. avatar frankgon4 says:

    I can see Glocks being number one, especially among new shooters. I was surprised that Ruger was number two. I expected Smith . I will look at all of them at the Shot Show next week.

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