New(ish) from Trijicon: The SRS

Trijicon’s SHOT Show booth is busy showing off production versions of their SRS or Sealed Reflex Sight. The 1x red dot above uses a single standard AA battery to power the sight in low light conditions. When there’s ample ambient light the unit switches to solar power. Trijicon claims three years of continuous use out of a standard AA battery. Now that is clever.


  1. avatar ryan says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Zeiss Z-point uses solar technology as well. I also think three years is less than the Aimpoint M4 on the same AA battery(which is claimed to go up to eight)

  2. avatar Matt G. says:

    I think that sight may be mounted backwards. I was looking at the SRs on trijicons website the other day and I was under the impression that the small lens went forward.

  3. avatar fmunk says:

    Nice design and all, but I highly doubt I would shell out nearly $1k for just a red dot. Frankly, there isn’t $1k worth of materials and technology here. Solar cells aren’t new. What we’d be charged for is mostly the Trijicon name.

  4. avatar racer88 says:


  5. avatar n says:

    Does anyone use AA for anything? Ear pro? White light? IR illuminators/lasers? I thought we were a 123 world now.

    1. avatar matt says:

      EOTech 552. And let me know when you can find CR123s at a reasonable price at a retail store. The only thing I have which uses CR123s are my Surefires.

      1. avatar din says:, lighthound, CPF forums…lots of places where you can pick them up for about a buck a pop. not a local brick-and-mortar, no, but given how much longer they last than AAs, if you’re willing to order a few at a time and wait a few days for shipping, it’s not a tough choice. unless, you know, you just have to run surefire branded batteries in your surefire branded crap.

  6. avatar Carlos U. says:

    Ah, but when you’re downrange at the sandbox, you can walk into any Haji-mart, even the ones made out of adobe in A-stan, and find AA. Likewise the rest of the world. 123? Not a chance!

  7. avatar Carlos U. says:

    Plus, as we prepare for the Zombi Apocalypse, it’s much easier and cheaper to walk into Costco and walk out with a brick of AA than to obtain 123.

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