New from DEL-TON: AR-10

DEL-TON has a rep for budget-priced AR-15 lowers and pre-built rifles for the civilian market. Until now DEL-TON’s built all its rifles on the standard AR-15 lower receiver. And now, DEL-TON gone all AR-10; a lower receiver as well as complete AR-10 rifles. No word on pricing. The word on availability: “soon.”


  1. avatar Whiskey Tango says:

    does “soon” mean tax return time?

    1. avatar 101abn says:

      Most likely………..(How cynical hast us’uns become). Everyone donate to buy an AR-10 + ammo for the troops. If we can get them to use a real rifle, they will never go back to a varmint shooter. { This is a brief, not meant to cover a wide spectrum of objections, know it alls, (other than me), or the religious experience of closing both eyes and firing full auto}

  2. avatar Ben Eli says:

    Any word of a Del-Ton review in the future?

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