New from Black Rain Ordnance: BRO-PG14

Black Rain Ordnance (BRO) was born in January 2009. They’ve progressed from making upper and lower receivers to producing everything a buyer of a modern home defense sporting black rifle could want—except stocks, grips and gas blocks. (They’re working on it.) Black Rain’s found their way into almost every major manufacturer’s catalog from Cheaper Than Dirt to Cabela’s. I asked the company’s president what separates BRO from the 543,345 other AR makers . . .

Looks. And quality. And looks. BRO machines their own parts, including barrels, receivers and even flash hiders. And then they add a bit of ‘tude. As George Bush never said, mission accomplished. AR buyers bored with basic black receive have taken to BRO’s skull receiver [above]; it’s been selling like ballistic hotcakes.

Since 2009 the company, BRO’s been expanding its product line and nationwide distribution network. Despite their growing popularity BRO product reviews are almost as rare as Bea Arthur jokes. Expect that to change shortly . . .


  1. avatar "Dr."Dave says:

    That rifle is not only ugly, but I am loathe to trust any company whos primary sales venue is Cheaper than Dirt.

  2. avatar Wade says:

    I handled one of those at the Dallas safari club convention, and though it may just be a display gun, the fit and finish was flawless and it handled well, despite the foolish paint.

  3. avatar NeonCat says:

    So if you like it, does that make it a BRO-mance?

  4. avatar Jwhite says:

    I would like to build a BlackRain kit. Almost made the plunge for my first build was in sticker shock after I spec’d the build. I went with Armalite and Spikes instead. Next build though, will be Black Rain. I look forward to the review of their products as half the reason I couldn’t justify spending that money was because of the lack of information on not only their site, but the community as well. It looks great, but does it shoot strait? *Wants a 6.5G Black Rain Build*

  5. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Curious… Are those shirt buttons glued on that Magpul Magazine?

    1. avatar Gossven says:

      Looks like screws drilled through the mag.

      1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

        Thanks, I see that (now that you mention it). I guess that’s to limit the capacity of the Magazine.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          It’s how the weapon is hung for display.

          I’m relatively certain that the screws are to attach the magazine to the metal bracket behind it, which is in turn welded to the upright of the booth display.

        2. avatar SkyMan77 says:

          Thank you Matt, That makes sense… I’m sure you’re correct Sir.

  6. avatar Graybeard says:

    My Iraq-vet (infantry) son calls those “PFC” guns – guns that appeal to PFCs who want to look tough/mean/whatever.

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