New from ATK: Thumbhole Recoil Reducing Rifle Stocks for Hunting Calibers

ATK is introducing a new line of recoil reducing stocks for common hunting rifles and calibers.They’d previously introduced 10/22 thumbhole stocks . . . These are actually pretty damned interesting . . .

ATK stocks use a similar system to recoil-reducing shotgun stocks, where the buttstock assembly and forend slide back and forth behind the grip and allow the force of the recoil to be distributed over a longer period of time. This reduces the felt recoil by around 80% according to the sales reps.

In addition, these stocks allow the barrels of the guns to freely float (some moreso than others) which increases accuracy by promoting good barrel harmonics and such.

The MSRP price on these stocks will be $259 for the top funky looking ones and $189 for the middle “traditional” ones and available for a variety of actions.


  1. avatar Danny McBee says:

    Hooray! Now I’m one step further to justifying a gonzo magnum rifle……now that I don’t have an excuse for wussing out and not shooting it.

  2. avatar Guywithagun says:

    Wow. Looks just like their old line of stocks. How is this new?

    1. avatar n says:

      It’s SHOT show. Every product shown will either be available in two years or came out six months ago.

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