New from Aimpoint: 2 MoA Red Dots

Aimpoint is releasing two new versions of some of their best selling red dot sights with new and improved 2 MoA dots instead of the standard 4 MoA dots. It doesn’t make the dots any less visible when putting it on target but covers less of said targets when trying to make precision shots. BTW, I think a Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle with an Aimpoint would make a mighty fine deer rifle. Must put this theory to the test sometime…


  1. avatar JP in Tennessee says:

    The Ruger Gunsite model scout rifle is very interesting to me. I’d like to get one some day. I’ve never taken a class at Gunsite, but I have taken a couple of classes at Front Sight in Nevada. Why is it that in numerous magazines and blogs I see references to the Gunsite school, but not once have I ever seen a mention of the Front Sight school, which I believe teaches many more students. Is there some kind of boycott going on?

  2. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Will they be the same price or more expensive? I just wish Aimpoint would make a budget version of the micro.

  3. avatar Derek says:

    I was interested in their Scout Rifle too, right up until I saw they have a 16.25″ barrel on it. I think I’ll go with Savages 10 FCP-SR. 24″ fluted and threaded bull barrel, AccuStock, AccuTrigger, 10 round detachable box mag, less than 9 lbs, and only a coulple hundred bucks more… yes please.

  4. avatar Steve says:

    I just bought one of these rifles and am considering putting an Aimpoint H-1 Micro on it using a standard mount. I’m wondering in the picture above if the Aimpoint sits low enough on the Picatinny rail to achieve one-third co-witness with the irons. Kind of hard to tell in that photo.

    Anyone know?

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