A Peek Inside the Ruger American Rifle

I was walking by the Ruger booth on my way to the next showgirl and booze filled product introduction meeting and spied this — the stock of the new Ruger American Rifle sans action. It really shows off the aluminum bedding blocks which, by the way, are gigantic for a budget priced rifle. Note to manufacturers: THIS is what a rifle stock should look like.


  1. avatar Southerner says:

    In looking at the photo of the Ruger American Rifle, I can only wonder if the hollow forend is sufficiently stiff to use with a shooting sling.

  2. avatar Tom says:

    This thing have sling block reinforcements?

  3. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Will it be cheaper than a comparable Savage with the accustock and accutrigger?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:


      1. avatar Matt Gregg says:

        Well then now I am interested.

  4. avatar Dave J says:

    Will supposedly sell for in the mid three hundred$ range. If you want some details check out the review at gunblast. Sorry to lazy to link to it but it shot very well and the trigger is supposed to be very nice. Long action in a few calibers out first, with short to follow.

  5. avatar Longeye says:

    Will this be offered in a true short action, or just long action with a shortened magazine?
    Are there any plans for magazines with greater capacity?

    Are there any plans for a wood stock variant or a stainless steel version?

  6. avatar Mike Andrews says:

    Still, I have to wonder whether this new offing from Ruger features a one-piece bolt? The bolt I’m seeing is impressive if photographs are depicting what I think they are – a solid steel shank with machined “triscalion” head and fully-enclosed bolt face.
    But is the bolt head actually a separate piece that rotates on a secondary shank set within an outer shell?
    In other words, does this rifle reflect low-cost production techniques all the way down to the bolt design? Whenever gun writers tiptoe as carefully around an issue as they have around the Ruger American’s bolt, something is usually being avoided. Accuracy ratings for this rifle are in the stratosphere so far. But still. . .
    . . . Guess the only way to know for sure is to head for my local Ruger gun shop and take a close-up look.

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