New from Remington: Versa Max Tactical Shotgun

Our friends at Remington have taken their Versa Max waterfowl gun and tacticooled it up for the home defense and cop markets. The result is a soft-shooting 8+1 gun with rail space that will run through rounds as fast as you can yank the bangswitch. Their Versaport gas system employs two pistons that use progressively more gas to cycle the action depending on the length of the shells you’re using (3.5″-almost none; 2.75″-plenty). If your pump action home defender kicks a tad much for accurate follow up shots (or for your wife to use and remain upright) the Versa Max is a very viable option. Sure, the MSRP of $1,399 might be a deterrent (you can buy a brace of 870s or Persuaders for that), but there’s something to be said for shootability. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar JP in Tennessee says:

    I can already say … I want one.

  2. avatar Nathan B says:

    Looks like it might be useful for 3-gun shooting, what’s the barrel length?

  3. avatar O.N. says:

    A rather aesthetically pleasing semi-automatic….for half the price of a Benelli. Exquisite!!

  4. avatar Tom says:

    So what was the trigger like? Have heard the Versamax is OK, but the trigger action was not so great for the price.

  5. avatar Ed Rodriguez says:

    I hope it is NOT like the NEW 887, Tactical It is the worst, piece of crap I ever purchased. The shells fall out of the tube, hard to load the magazine. I was giving a Tactical Shotgun class and I was so embarrassed. Called dRem they sen another trigger syst. still a NO/GO
    I hope, the new semi is not like the 887

  6. avatar Jeff Dufour says:

    First, I am a 100% Remington fan and the owner of many Remington shot guns and rifles. I purchased a Vera Max for my son two years ago and had problems since day on. I use to own my gun business and worked on many guns throughout the years. I feel that the Versa Max main issue is the Action Spring is not long/stiff enough.
    The problem is not ejecting shells, it’s the breech bolt does return, its sluggish. I always owned 870 Wingmster and they are near flawless. Started shooting 11-87 Premier and its been 3 years, never once cleaned it.( I know kettle calling pot black) and the action is like day one.

    Just my two cents.

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